Institute of Krav Maga South Africa

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Glenn Mortelmans

Director and Group Head Instructor

Expert III Military Instructor

Chane Fourie

Middelburg Head Instructor

Fighter Level II

Kid’s Instructor

Knife Fight Instructor

Werner Gouws

Witbank Head Instructor

Fighter Level I

Tactical Shooter Level I Instructor

Other Instructors

CJ Botha


Nicole Hempill


Dirk Meyer


Stephan Botes


We have dedicated training organizers in the following areas: Baberton, Dwaalboom, Northam, Thambazimi, Rustenburg and Carltonville

If you would like to become part of our team or require training in areas we cover please contact us.

Training Background

Glenn Mortelmans started his training Krav Maga in 2001 in London UK.
Glenn trained extensively around the world with various highly ranked Krav Maga institutions. Glenn is a qualified instructor at 5 international institutions.
After returning to South Africa and the need for a realistic and proper Krav Maga club was established, Glenn then created Krav Defence Systems in 2013 in Middelburg South Africa. We have expanded our training in various regions across South Africa since then. Currently our second biggest club is based in Witbank and is run by Instructor Werner Gouws.

We ensure that our training is kept up to date by means of doing regular training and exchange of knowledge in Poland, Ukraine and Israel.
All our instructors are carefully vetted after 2 years of regular training and then entered into our Instructor programme.

We have the highest levels of Krav Maga in South Africa and pride ourselves to be known internationally by our standards, level of expertise and integrity.
We have over a 100 success stories where students used our techniques and our training in real life, and all of them our students “won”


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