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It is amazing to see all these "self defence schools" jumping on the wagon the last week with all sorts of Woman empowerment programs. Some is really good, well done to those but then are those that does it only for marketing purposes unfortunately. When I see what they are teaching I cant even imagine the actual damage they are causing to the future of our ladies.

It is a good thing to empower our woman, if done correctly. My best fighters in all my clubs is woman and I am extremely proud of them.

This however did not happen in a 2 hour class or from a little demo they saw. Even worse is being trained by a "pop up" instructor that has never actually experienced a fight or a violent situation and without any experience. That is just creating a false sense of security and is dangerous. Rather then just stay at home.

For those who has seen my girls in action and seen their confidence always askes me how did my girls in my club became so powerful. Well it is simple.... real life experience training, dedication, will power, training them from the core and equipping them correctly.

We have ladies that avoided hijacks.. one in particular that actually fought off 6 hijackers, another that was in a bad situation with a sexual predator and this guy .. well he will never try that again. Then there is the best part, the ones that has never encountered an attack, they are trained to avoid and if caught off gaurd they are prepared.

I have been training woman for years and we have done a lot of empowerment programs and we always teach all our students to avoid a situation and possible confrontation, who to speak to, how to handle a possible attacker. Who is the attacker... 60% of the time its someone close to you, learn to step away from that. Learn how to be mentally strong.

Ladies ask yourself if you want to be attacked or to be in a fight... nope did not think so.

Then we can move on to physical training. You will stop an attacker in max 3 seconds flat. Come see for yourselfs.

In short.... Ladies, you are the strongest fighters I know.... mentally and physically. Don't waste your potential on a quick fix... your life is not a fast food drive through. I am not condemning all these programs, I am actually applauding most of these programs because it could just wake up something in you and you start a life changing journey.

Join us and experience real empowerment not just a fast food self defence system....
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Another full weekend... Tactical training on the Botswana border and our other Tactical team doing Executive Protection.

We have now decided that after a lot of international requests we are now releasing our dates for the Tour and Train South Africa.

You will have the oppertunity to train alongside experienced students, train Krav Maga, train in advanced close combat fire arms techniques, survival techniques, experience the Bush, Medical training and more real life training and experiences. All this will be hosted by several instructors who is experts in their fields.

Field trips to an awesome Lion park, experiencing Africa food and hospitality, sleep under the stars while wild life is roaming around you ...

You will be looked after by our team 24hrs a day.

Though European Security Center and ICSKMA students gets preference to join this training oppertunity it is open for anyone that is an experienced in Krav Maga student... that is if there is still open places available.

Send us a mail if you want to get on the list. We would like to complete the list by end of November 2019 so we can plan everything.

Remebert that no one in South Africa presents this level of training.
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Last one for 2019...

Make your booking asap
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Teenager group grading time.

Lets see if they can do what theye here for.

Good luck all
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