Krav Maga Tactical Unit

Alongside Institute Krav Maga South Africa we have our sister group KM-TU South Africa (Krav Maga – Tactical Unit) which offers a wide range of services related to security to our large client base. Apart from that we offer our clients professional protection services by professional security staff from all over the world, we also provide professional training in personal and public safety for both uniformed services and civilians.

As being part of the Global team of the European Security Center we offer a group of highly trained international security experts from Poland, France, Italy, Spain, Great Britain, Ireland, Ukraine, United States and South Africa. Our mutual co-operation is based on exchanging experiences within the field of training services. Together, we set and implement international standards in the area of emergency procedures. We regularly undertake joint activities, i.e. various training programs, workshops with the police, special units as well as other emergency services.

Members of our crew speak the following languages: English, Polish, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Russian, Ukrainian, Afrikaans, Dutch, Flemish and Zulu.

All members of KM-TU and ESC Center Africa are trained and qualified as Close Protection Operatives, Combat Medic Level III and high levels of Krav Maga. All members are carefully vetted and personally handpicked by Glenn Mortelmans. Glenn Mortelmans himself has a list of high rated expertise and experience, which is available on request.

KM-TU is connected with local institutions such as PSIRA and SETA, as well as with the International Combat Schooting and Krav Maga Association, “PASSA” Association. “PASSA” is the Polish Accredited Training Examination Center by the minister of national education, therefore our trainings are characterized by the highest quality of services.

Our goal is to provide a client with safety regardless of the place and situation in which they remain. To do so, we perform so-called estimation of the threat which allows us to determine potential danger. Depending on the outcome, we determine forces and means necessary to effectively implement the protection. KM-TU operates both locally as well as internationally.

We provide the following protection services:

  • Visible Protection Services,
  • Non invasive Protection Services,
  • Private individuals and their families,
  • Travel and business trips,
  • Business meetings,
  • VIP services,
  • Secure Transfer Services,
  • Protection of CEO, CFO and other key personnel,
  • Multinational Corporations,
  • Ad Hoc Services for different client types.

We also provide the following training services:

  • Combat Medic Level III,
  • VIP Protection L III,
  • Close Protection Operative,
  • Tactical Shooting,
  • Krav Maga,
  • Combat Shooter.

Professional Accredited Partnerships and Services:

  • NQF Level 5 Unit Standards,
  • PSIRA / Unit Standards,
  • Security Grade Training,
  • Firearm Competency,
  • Business Firearm Competency.