Krav Maga

Krav Maga weekly classes are run in Middelburg and Witbank by qualified instructors.

Our training is kept realistic and working on issues on hand. All students who start their training with us start with

our regular Krav Maga Fundamentals intakes. Here we start each student from the beginning.

Introduction to Firearms and Tactics

Introduction to Firearms and Tactics

This course is compulsory for anyone who whant to further his or her firearm training with us.

This is a comprehensive introduction course, covering aspects such as firearm, ammunition and gear selection and use, maintenance, proper firearm handling techniques and mental preparation.

This course is intended to get students of all skill levels up to uniform standard and a basic understanding and skill level for further firearms training such as our popular Tac 1, Tac 2, and all training that incorporates firearm use.

Tactical Shooter Level 1

We cover all basic shooting positions, 360°, High Medium Low stances, One hand shooting and techniques around shooting whilst movement.

We incorporate HSRT (High Stress Reaction Training) on a realistic level.

After this course the student will be more confident to use his or her weapon whilst under stress,

and to be able to work safely in all conditions.

This is a very popular shooting course as the training is based on Polish and Israeli military techniques.

Tactical Shooter Level 2

On this level we start FAST (Fire Arms Survival Tactics) training.

We work on all Tac 1 techniques and add various fast mag change techniques, fast reloads, cover shooting, 3rd Party basic evac’s and more.

We also increase the stress and combine endurance in this level.

Tactical Shooter 1 - Krav Systems

Combat Medic Level 3

Hostile subject includes prioritising “life over limb” situations when under threat. Understanding life threatening injuries in combat situations and managing patient care accordingly.


Women’s impressions that they are weak are challenged in this course. We work on just a few lifesaving techniques that once again is

gathered from our “rape” crime in South Africa and proven very effective against a would-be rapist.

We work to build confidence in woman and empower them and to prevent this rather being a victim, and if needed to be able to use our techniques effectively.

Anti Hijack - Krav Systems


A very popular course working on realistic issues at hand with regards to vehicle hijacking.

We work mostly on the prevention of this rather being in it, as this situation can be daunting and the outcome can be extremely dangerous.

Also, we cover shooting in and around the vehicle as well as close combat techniques in and around the vehicle.

Karambit Tactical Knife Fight Training - Krav Systems


This course is also very popular and Glenn Mortelmans is the only person in South Africa that presents this course.

The Karambit (KaraHawk) is our weapon of choice in Self Defence and after doing this course you will be convinced.

As this is a very dangerous knife and to be able to use it effectively

we have created a course that covers all the basic uses, a more Advanced course is ran only once a year to compliment this knife.

Farmer's Tactical Level 1

Specially designed for our farmers in South Africa to ensure they get the most realistic yet effective training.

Crime differs in areas and we custom our training to each area.

On day 1 start off with a Tac 1 type of shoot and work upwards from there.

On day 2 we continue with hand to hand combat basics, Panga defences, knife defences and basic Firearm disarming.

Depending on the group and needs we can cover Anti Rape, Karambit etc.

Farmer's Tactical Level 2

On this course we advance the students shooting levels similar to Tactical Level 2 using all these techniques.

We advance to work with house clearance’s and depending on the group we will work with more advanced techniques.

Then the students have the opportunity to choose to either do a night shoot on the Saturday or we do more advanced work on the Sunday.

Night shoot entails shooting at low light and using torches or environment lightning. We go practical with strobe lights and stress lightning.

Night Shoot is very important as most attacks is at night and people under estimate the capabilities of proper shooting at low light.

On the Sunday should the group preferred to do The Sunday training rather than the night shoot we work on Vehicle clearance and arresting procedures.

Shoot like a girl - Krav Systems

Shoot like a girl

This course is focused on beginners shooting techniques including safety, basic stances, movements and using your weapon effectively.

No weapon experienced needed on these courses we really work on getting the ladies known to fire arms.

It is ladies only course and we will never force anyone to handle a fire arm if they don’t want to, but realistically in South Africa

you need to be able to know the basics at least and get over the fear of a fire arm.

After this there is a Shoot like a Girl level 2 that is extremely popular with the ladies. Usually after this course the confidence in the ladies exceeds all expectations.

Close Protection

Course details on request only.

Security F.P.O.S (First Person on Scene)

A 4 day course that compliments current security staff training.

This course is designed by us specially for any security or law enforcement agent who is the first person to arrive at a scene.

This intensive course has the following subjects.

  • Scene safety in terms of hazards, life threatening situations ect.
  • F.P.O.S medical care (First aid in hostile inviroments)
  • Arresting and control techniques using controlled force, tonfa, cuffs ect.
  • 3rd Party evacuation techniques.
  • Working as a Unit and individually.
  • Self Defence skills.

Other Courses Available on Application