Glenn Mortelmans

Glenn was born in Belgium and still a Belgian citizen. Currently Glen is living and working in South Africa. He grew up on a farm (that was in a red zone in military terms) and understands and has experience how it is to have a gun against his head, being stabbed in an attack, seen death, been in fights…

After his time in the South Africa Defence force Glenn started the first part of his career as a Paramedic in South Africa whilst working in a Police unit on various deployments. (Note… Glenn was not was not a recce, takie or Spes).

Then he went to work in Belgium and UK where he continued his training.

Glenn’s experience in Martial arts started at a young age with karate then a bit of kung fu,  Aikido and then Capoeira.

Glenn has been involved in Self Defence and Krav Maga for the past 19 years. Trained in the UK under excellent instructors. Also trained in Israel with several high ranked Instructors and Security Units. Here he received  most of his expertise in Krav Maga.

Glenn is currently an Expert level 3. He is a certified Instructor with several Krav Maga Institutions internationally. Also, he is a certified instructor for: SWAT, Advanced combat Shooting, Close Protection, knife fighting, Karambit etc.
His training in Poland enhanced his skills as his training with these specialist Instructors and institutions was and is of highest levels.
Glenn has spend a small fortune on his personal training all over the world… like he says “it is always wise to invest in yourself”. And already his next  training sessions are planned.

He is associated internationally (UK, all over Europe, USA, Israel) and most of his training that he gives is in South Africa however due to the recent requests he will start hosting training in Europe and other parts of the world.

In his weekly classes train he trains up to 3 times a week and then on weekends he is actively busy with tactical training for farmers, CPO, woman, security etc.

Glenn is the proud owner and head Instructor for Institute Krav Maga South Africa and KM-TU South Africa. Member and Africa director of the European Security Centre and also for the International Shooting and Krav Maga Association.

My experience includes those of police and military backgrounds. We do training with international military personnel and special units from time to time as well.

My personal vitae for public information is as follow…

  • Krav Maga Expert III military instructor
  • SWAT / Anti-terror instructor for the Polish Uniform services. (Only Instructor in South Africa with this level)
  • Special relationship and recognition by the Ukrainian Special Forces Police unit.
  • Critical Care Assistant (Paramedic, RSA; UK; Belgium) 10 years
  • SAPS Germiston specialist unit 3 years
  • Krav Maga and other Martial arts 18 years
  • Military Combative 5 years
  • Krav Maga instructor (Qualified in Israel, Poland and UK)
  • Krav Maga kid’s instructor (Qualified in Poland)
  • 3rd party and VIP Protection instructor (Qualified in Poland)
  • Poland military shooting Instructors (Number on request)
  • Combat Shooting instructor (Poland)
  • Israel Defence Force affiliate (Number on request) 
  • Referrals on request. Local and Internationally.