Krav Maga

Our HQ located in Middelburg Mpumalanga South Africa is at Studio M with a 600sq studio floor.

Krav Defence Systems is what it says.

Krav : (קרב) means “battle” or “combat” – Defence : Self-defence – System : Using Krav maga as a professional system

Krav Defense Systems is striving to keep Krav Maga to its original roots and essence.

As the need for reality based self defense for Adults and especially teenagers in today’s brutal world grows and as Krav Maga is a ever evolving system,

We strive to get updated training and solutions from any valid and ethical Krav Maga school or organisation worldwide.

Some solutions, well functioning since the the start of Krav Maga had to be adopted in connection with new kinds of dangers, coming, for instance, from unusual development of mixed martial arts or rapid escalation of violence in the form of group attacks with the use of dangerous offensive weapon, knives, machetes and guns.

The reality of the latest decade has also brought a substantial increase in the number of abductions and acts of ruthless terror, both in South Africa and across the world.

Krav Defense Systems HQ is located in Middelburg, Mpumalanga, South Africa and does training and events in Middelburg, Witbank, Belfast, Hazyview, Nelspruit, Northern Province and Internationally.

Glenn Mortelmans is the owner and head instructor of Krav Defense Systems and Institute Krav Maga South Africa and is backed by International federations with likes of Institute Krav Maga UK and Tactical Combat Shooting & Krav Maga Organisation located in Poland.

Glenn Mortelmans is responsible for all Krav Maga and Tactical training and is qualified in UK, Poland and Israel with different organisations as well as government and military training units.

Glenn has a range of qualifications which backs the strict and high standard training programs.

Studio M also hosts Ballroom and Latin dancing classes as well as Pilates classes. These are conducted by highly experienced instructor Michelle Mortelmans. She also responsible for Team building events that incorporates self defense. Regular seminars and workshops on Anti Rape, Anti Hijack, Anti Hostage, Combatives, Structure Clearance, Active shooter, Tactical shooting are also available on regular time frames.

Our international expertise and associations as well as our passion and engagement of our instructors makes the best guarantee of the highest quality of our training offer.